WordPress.org is basically the same software platform as WordPress.com but the entire process of getting published is a lot more detailed and complicated.  I will not recommend for a quick resume or portfolio site. I also make all my new Web site owners practice on WordPress.com before launching a WordPress.org site on a host.


  • Many more free and premium (must pay for) themes.
  • Can upload plugins and widgets.
  • Large support community.
  • Self determination.
  • More control.

Limitations – Must Haves:

  • A URL or Domain name ($8.00 – $20.00 per year — I suggest private registration).
  • A good Web host (probably around $10.00 monthly) to much more. (All Web hosts are NOT equal!)
  • Technical ability to install and set up.
  • A File Transfer (FTP) Program.

Limits – Should Have

  • A spam filter (cost) is required.
  • You should know what better themes to select as far as coding and support is concerned.
  • You must know what critical plugins and widgets to use.
  • You must do your own backups, manual installations and upgrades of WordPress software, themes, widgets, plugins, etc.

In using WordPress.org, education and time to master the learning curve are the major disadvantages. Although a large and challenging task, these are not insurmountable. Learning can lead to a highly customized resume site with a great deal of flexibility.

You can start your education at http://wordpress.org/. Word of caution – do not download the software. Most good WordPress Web hosts will have the software available as part of an automatic installation.

There are also Web hosts I would clearly stay away from if you decide to go that route. I would not attempt to host on your own server or on a friend’s server. I have just seen too many problems associated with them.