Free Software

Please contact me or email me with any free software suggestions or feedback on the programs I have not used.  I enabled the comments box on this page for that purpose.

I have used the following:

Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.  Please note to export your files in .mp3 format you also need a free plugin.

CoffeeCup free HTML editing.

Open Office creativity suite. Word processor, spreadsheet, slide presenter, etc.

Pando to send 1GB (free version) files and folders via any email.

PDF Creator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application. Print a PDF file of a Web page.

Picassa free photo editing software from Google, now with name tags.

Wordle to generate a Word cloud. Use to custom match your cover letter or resume’s keywords to a company you might be interviewing or sending a communications to.  Click on ‘cached’ in a Google search then go to text only version (upper right corner) to capture landing page text.

Job Search Engines

Twitter search to search for jobs

LinkedIn Signal – Advanced Job Search function through LinkedIn

Facebook Career Networking Application called BranchOut.

Free Phone Calls – free Voice and video over Internet, includes desktop sharing.  Need microphone.  Web cam best.

Gmail from Google – free local and long distance U.S. Calls at least through 2011.  Needs ‘chat’ module.

Desktop Sharing Desktop Sharing (no microphone/Web cam)

Free Pictures

Stock.xchng – free picture sharing

Flickr – free picture sharing under Creative Commons License guidelines (through advanced search function)

I have not used the following:

Convert PDF to Word is a reverse converter.

PhotoPlus Free (version available) photo editing program from Serif.  Although I never used this program I have used other products from Serif.

More to come.


4 Responses to Free Software

  1. Great tutorial! Are there any free video editing resources out there? What’s the best way you’ve found to edit video?

    • diywebjem says:

      Apple or PC? Apple was the originator of included video editing software. I remember how I drooled when I learned about it. Yet since I was a PC guy I never made the move over to Apple. So I assume you are asking about Windows PCs.

      Windows (Live for Windows 7) Movie Maker is a basic free video editing software that has come with Windows since ’98. For early versions of 98 it had to be downloaded. I’ve tried the Windows 7 versions and it is pretty good. A low cost software with more features I used in the past is available through Serif. I personally use Adobe Premiere Elements which can be had for around $80.00 or so when on sale along with PhotoShop. Neither are intuitive but I have grown to like them.

      There are many other software programs but I am not familiar with them. Hope this helps.

      Does anybody else have any info to help Angela with?

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