What others have to say about the topic on the Web.  It might give you addition viewpoints and ideas to ponder.

Note:  The authors may be trying to sell something on these sites, as I do (my services) on my main site.

Jon DiPietro wrote “Create a Compelling Resume Online With WordPress” on Domesticating on 1/18/09.  Take special note of his reasons why as well as his page suggestions.  Ignore the section on laying the groundwork however, if you want a free site on  The section applies only to sites which are not free and take quite a bit of additional education.  Learn more on the WordPress-Org page.

This article:  “Get a Free Resume Online” is a little advanced but has some hidden gems. Look at his #10 point –  Create an About Me “cover letter.” for a clever idea.

Kevin Geary wrote this guest blog entitled “How to Make an Absolute Fortune From Your Blog (Really)” on ProBlogger in July, 2010. He talks about resumes being dead and making yourself unique while using a blog (or Web site) to launch your dream career. Read the whole story. {Added 10-16-10}

Read and download this pdf from Chris Brogan entitled Using the Social Web to Find Work. It is published under the creative commons license. It is19 pages long and you need Adobe Reader to read it. {Added 10-16-10}

The Career Guide offered this article entitled 30+ Websites to Visit When You Are Laid Off.  {Added 12-19-10}

Post added 1/29/11

Added 4-14-11  This blog answers questions from an interviewer’s point of view

Added 4-14-11 Dressing tips for men from AOL

Free vs. Hosted Sites

Understanding WordPress (Self Hosted WordPress vs is a guest blog  on MakeTechEasier as posted on 3/20/08.  It may be somewhat dated.  I especially warn you about NOT downloading and hosting on your own server.  The article also talks about blogging with a secondary emphasis on static pages.  I take the reverse position for a resume or portfolio site:  most pages should be static.  Later  he discusses  Let me just say that is much different today than it was in 2008.  One of the benefits of WordPress is it changes repeatedly and almost always to the better.

I have other articles to post and discuss…but I do want to finish with the quick start first…..


A strategy for using LinkedIn for job search for college grads.  can certainly be used by others as well.  See the article at Nine Steps to LinkedIn Networking.  (Added 5/5/11.)

Please tell me if you know of other articles you think should be included.