Theme Selection

If you want to use another Theme, or just check them out, go to Appearance  >  Themes and you Admin area opens to:


Some themes will be displayed and you can manually search through them.  At the lower right is a ‘Feature Filter’ which allows search by criteria as displayed below.

Themes Feature Filter

Sample Theme SelectionRegardless of how you search, you will see a thumbnail of the Theme (here is Sandbox), and description and some tags indicating colors, page types, sidebar options, etc.  Just click ‘Preview’ to see how the theme will look. When you find one you like click on ‘Activate’.  I caution elsewhere to do this before setting up Widgets in your sidebar since each Theme has different defaults which will override what you set up.




Sample of Fusion

Fushion Theme

Fusion Page Options

Fusion Page OptionsFusion Custom Header

Fusion Custom HeaderSample of Steira

Sample of SierraSample of Notepad

Sample of Notepad

Once you finalize your Theme, we will be ready to start publishing pages of your resume or portfolio site.  Again the reason to settle on a Theme first is any sidebar configuration will be changed when if and when you change Themes.

I start to address this process on the ‘Advanced‘ page.