Expanded Settings

This is the expanded Setting pull down. I want to talk only about the important sub-categories since WordPress is again loaded with stuff you probably will never use. I strongly suggest taking these steps and I do so whenever I help publish a Web site for someone.


Let us first modify “General”.

General WordPress Settings I

General WordPress Setting 2

After saving it will show the uploaded image as your Blavatar.

Uploaded Blavatar

I will skip “Writing” and “Reading” for now and go to “Discussion”.

WordPress Moderate Discussions

WordPress Gravatar and Save

Let’s jump to “Privacy” where you should select your preference…..and Save your changes if made.

WordPress Privacy

Then go to “Sharing” and decide what other social media sites to share. Again Save your changes if you make any.

Social Media Sharing

The next major step will be to keep this theme or select another theme. But before we do, your need an understanding of sidebars and widgets.