I next want to look at “Posts” on the left sidebar of your Dashboard, below the Upgrades (not discussed here) category.  Posts are blog posts.  They appear in reverse chronological order on the default page which is the Landing Page or Home Page for  You can leave the Landing Page as such but I do not recommend having blog posts on the landing page for a resume or portfolio site.  We will handle setting up another page you can title something else and designate as the location for your posts later starting on the Advanced page.

Here is the expanded “Posts > Add New” dashboard.

Post Page Add New

You will notice a default Post called “Hello World”.   I will show you how to get rid of this default later.

This is what the default Post looked like on the site.

View of Default WordPress Post

The two other categories in the “Posts” expanded navigation are “Categories” and “Tags”.  Understanding these concepts are important for blog posts but not so important for a resume or portfolio site.   I will therefore address them later in either a grandchild page (under this page) or within the Advanced parent page.

Next on my list is Pages.