Congratulations!  Now log into your new Web site.

This is your dashboard (operating panel) that opens up.  Yes, It is intimidating but I will walk you through the most important functions in this “crash course” to get your resume or portfolio Web site up quickly.

Wordpress dot com DashboardThe section to the left is called a side bar and is your primary means to navigate around the dashboard.  The larger area to the left is the main work, or publishing place.

Note:  The default is a two column layout but it can be adjusted to a one column appearance and modules can be reordered by dragging and dropping.  However that is a subject for more advanced tutorials.  My main purpose is to get you published quickly….

Twenty Ten Default Theme

This is a picture of the default theme, twenty ten (2010). The title is as instructed prior in the initial setup under “title” on the “How To” page.  The “Just another WordPress.com site” slug is the default and changing it will be handled later on.  This is the same theme I use with this demo site.  I have substituted a custom header to replace the default header.  You can do likewise with a photo or paint program. There are also optional headers available with this, and other free themes (keep reading).

For now the next discussion topic is Posts.