Next on the left side bar is “Comments”.  Comments are what visitors type into the “Leave a Reply” box.  Not all comments are good, not all comments are bad either.  But a lot of comments are Spam and you do not want Spam clogging your arteries and giving your site a bad reputation.  That is why we have Akismet (spam filter) and will set up comment moderation (in Settings).

I wrote a blog article on spamming you might enjoy.  Instead of replicating it here, I will offer a link to Keep Your Guard Up For Spammers While Writing Your Blog.
The post did get some bizSugars and will be published soon on my Web (LunarPages) host’s blog.

Getting back to Comments, however…Clicking takes you to the Comments dashboard where there is again a default comment.

Comments DashboardThis is what the comment looks like on the blog page after the post.

Default CommentYou can delete this default comment.  When you hover over the comment text, the following appears:

Unapprove | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash

Simply click on ‘Trash’ and it will be sent to the Trash bin.  Don’t worry if you made a mistake, you can still recover something from the Trash with the newest version of WordPress.

For comments not as yet approved, the first option is a little different:

Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash

I also set up every page for Comments to gain feedback since this is a tutorial site.  As before, you can remove comments from normal static pages (later) and have them on your blog page alone.

Next we will skip “Ratings” and “Polls” (never use) and move to Settings.