How To

Please read this entire page before signing up for a site and understand you may see variations of these instructions on since WordPress is constantly evolving, although not daily.

Shown below is the landing page.

Note: Always click on the image to see a larger version.


WordPress Sign Up Page

Picture of landing page. Click to see larger version.


While there, click on the orange “Sign Up Now” button and complete the required information.

Complete the required WordPress information.When you click “Gimme a blog” you need:

  • the name or address of your blog (see below)
  • a title for the blog (This blog is:  Using as a Resume….)  You can leave blank or change later.

Your Web address appears as one word, all lower case, with no spaces. For instance: Neither prefix ‘http://’ nor ‘www. ‘ are required to access. You cannot use hyphens.  The address for a resume or portfolio site should be as close to your own name as possible or some easy variation (i.e. initials, degree, etc.) if your name is not available. (Once a name is used on it is no longer available.)

If you wish, you can open a new tab and toggle back and forth from these instructions.

Continue on to the Dashboard page.  Progressive pages appear as children when you hover your mouse over the “How To” page.