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Using Social Media To Get A Job

This is an interesting article on Mashable by Dan Schwabel which reinforces a lot of what I preach. He talks about many points I stress and then some, including:

  • Having a personal connection to the company you are applying to increases your chances of getting hired;
  • Using mobile applications to find local jobs;
  • Developing online skills he refers to as ‘soft’ skills;
  • Using social media and business sites to post your resume, and even
  • Using on line ads.

Read some more of his ideas.

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Older Workers and Social Media Sites For Seeking Jobs

Here’s a very interesting slant sup[port my position about using Social Media for job search. Elizabeth Garone writes on ‘Interns over 40:’ “You would be doing yourself a disservice not to have a profile on a networking site in the current job market, career experts say. It’s becoming increasingly common for recruiters to use these as their first point of contact with potential employees. Without one, you could be in danger of being overlooked.

I also love the quote: “First, it shows you’re relevant….two, it gives you a very easy Web link that anybody can go to get your data points, from a resume to awards you might have received or anything along those lines.”

Read the rest of the article.

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Put Your Resume On Line

This article emphasizes the benefits of putting your resume on line and reinforces my plea to you to use this tutorial site to at least get up a free resume or portfolio Web site.

James Alexander writes on Career Rocketeer that “… digital resumes are probably the way the job search is headed” and why you need to follow suit. He continues with:

  • Employers are searching for you.
  • Online resumes are more efficient.
  • They allow you to reveal more.
  • Green friendly.

I try to strike home myself and especially like his remarks with regards to revealing more about yourself, oir what I call “tooting your own horn” is when he says: “…you don’t really have to limit yourself to one piece of paper, online resumes allow you to reveal more. Apart from your online platforms, online resumes allow you to add more information like work history, putting more meat on the document. You don’t have to worry about cutting out valuable information just so you can abide by traditional resume rules. Remember, the more positive work examples you can give an employer, the better.

Read the rest of the article.

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Articles Or Resources I Found Recently About Job Search

Free E. Books to Aid in Job Searching

Article About Recruiters Looking Online For Candidates – Find Out Where.

Article on Gently Reentering the Workforce

Ways to get a job on LinkedIn

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Do Your Job Hunting Techniques Separate Yourself From The Corwd

This article appeared on MSNBC on Monday: “Looking for a job in 2011? Here’s how to stand out.”

The article lists six questions and offers advice on re-starting job-hunting approach in the New Year:

  • Am I disorganized?:
  • Does my resume stink?:
  • Have I been a networker, or an avoider?:
  • What do I want to be when I grow up?:
  • Am I a Jack-of-all-trades?:
  • Does anyone know I’m here?:
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Buzzwords That Should Not Appear OnYour Resume

Karen Burns wrote on U.S. News Money, speaking on careers, an article entitled “50 Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Use On Your resume” and was posted  November 17, 2010.

She lists a bunch of commonly misused buzzwords you should avoid and why. Cited reasons include “They’re vague.” and “…look like everyone else’s.” To sell yourself, make your resume stand out she advises. Do so by showing not telling. It’s what I call walk the talk, not just talk the talk. Action your speech, or put your money (proof) where your mouth is at.

Read the entire list of buzzwords.

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Job Seeker Edition of the Crain’s Book of Lists until December 31, 2010

Free access to the Crain’s Book of Lists Job Seeker Edition as underwritten by Robert Half.

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Publish A Free WordPress Resume or Portfolio Site With This Tutorial

I recently added pages to Using WordPress As A Resume or Portfolio Site, a tutorial site for job seekers.  You should now be enabled to publish a basic resume or portfolio site to enhance your job search as well as upgrade your skills in publishing basic Web sites.

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