Visual Editor

Here is your dashboard or administration panel when you “Add New Page” also called visual editor by WordPress.

Visual Editor IAnd here are the locations of the editing and uploading functions.

Visual Editor II

If you are not familiar with the icons and their functions, read the WordPress tutorial about the visual editor.

Scrolling down…always save your draft before viewing or publishing it (immediately or at a later time). Always save before leaving or closing the Add New Page admin area.

Preview and Publish

“Visibility” (middle) allows you to mark the page as ‘Password protected’ or ‘Private’.

Discussion options allows for adding a Comment box which I do not suggest for a Static resume page. Discussion Comments

You can control the page style (one column or two) and order of display.  Just scroll down under the visual editor.

Page Style and Order

You now know all the basics about publishing your resume or portfolio Web site.  Congratulations!  Start to work publishing your pages.  I strongly suggest drafting and making your final copy on a word processor.  Then keep a copy for your files.  Then copy and paste all text to a neutral text editor like Notepad.  Then again copy and paste from Notepad into the Visual Editor.  This removes the coding normally found in a typical word processor.  And I have found WordPress sometimes picks up that code, whether you use the copy from Word command or not.

We will take a look the HTML editor next.