The following video provides a lot of information about publishing Blog Posts. Posts are important if you want to get noticed outside of your own community or those you direct to your resume or portfolio site.  WordPress has its own search function and Blog Posts frequently appear in Google searches, as well as in other search engines.  This can give you more exposure since Pages are static and do not draw as much attention from search engines.  Search engines look for what’s current, the new news, not old stuff.

As previously explained Blog Posts appear in reverse chronological order, so different rules apply than with Pages so you can use effectively.

Also some words of caution are forthcoming:

  • This video was produced in 2009 under version 2.7.1.  You may therefore notice some changes.
  • 404 Pages refer to an error message page which frequently states “Page Not Found”.  This means there is no page with that address on the Web.
  • Please read my suggestions with reference to “Category” and “Tags” before setting them up.

The video also cuts off at 10 minutes which is the maximum time for YouTube video.  I will add what it omits later.

The Category page is ready.