Buzzwords That Should Not Appear OnYour Resume

Karen Burns wrote on U.S. News Money, speaking on careers, an article entitled “50 Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Use On Your resume” and was posted  November 17, 2010.

She lists a bunch of commonly misused buzzwords you should avoid and why. Cited reasons include “They’re vague.” and “…look like everyone else’s.” To sell yourself, make your resume stand out she advises. Do so by showing not telling. It’s what I call walk the talk, not just talk the talk. Action your speech, or put your money (proof) where your mouth is at.

Read the entire list of buzzwords.


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I am a Web coach, mentor and tutor and also offer free information for do it yourselfers trying to grow their businesses on the Web.  I work closely with self employed small business owners who want to take a hands on approach in marketing their businesses on line. Like me when I started, you may be limited to a shoestring budget.  Anyone who has a small business Web site or is interested in one, can benefit from this free information. Additionally, I offer advice and counseling on planning and starting a successful business Web site. My expertise is in using the WordPress publishing platform and recommend Themes (templates) as well as a user friendly Web host.  I work step by step with you in learning the concepts and practices of successful Web marketing. I am also skilled at strengthening LinkedIn profiles and showing you how to use LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms to grow your business.  I took 30 years of professional, consultative sales, marketing and networking skills and successfully adapted them to marketing on the Web starting in 2006.
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